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2014 – 2015 ⛧ The formation of the band ⛧ “In the trenches”

“FEROSZ” Biography was born in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain, between december 2013 and early 2014. Founded by Gastón Horacio Reto (drummer) and Roberto “Fitti” Rojo (Vocalist). 
The line up is completed with Jorge “lobo” Perea (bass), Alfon Ortega and Jon Ander Esteban (on guitars). They contributing and vitally influencing the style of the band.


Ferosz records his first “single” in october 2014, titled with the homonymous name of “Ferosz”, composed of two songs, “Ancient Civilizations” and “Lost Faith” at Pedro J. Monge’s Chromaticity Studios.

In november 2014, “Ferosz” made the filming of the official video clip of the song “Ancient Civilizations” included in his single, with release in January 2015.


On december 31, 2014, “Ferosz” release its single on the digital platforms, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. On february 16, 2015 it will be released in physical format, including the official video clip inside in this format. In march, YouTube and Spotify are added.

On february 20, 2015, “Ferosz” opens its live concert season. In the coming months, the band is dedicated to finalizing the composition of the songs that will formed their first LP, while continuing to strengthen their live shows.


On july 21, 2015, Ferosz made record be his first full album entitled “LOST FAITH” at Chromaticity Studios. Composed of 10 songs of the most brutal Metal that characterizes the essence of FEROSZ.

On september 10, Ferosz signs his first recording contract with Santo Grial Records who will be in charge of the manufacture and distribution of the brand new LP.

2016 – 2017 ⛧ We begin our FIRST CONQUEST CAMPAIGN ⛧

Between march and april 2016 Ferosz made his first tour ,”Lost Faith Tour 2016″, with a warm and energetic welcome from the public in all the concerts held in the spanish state. During the rest of 2016 and until the beginning of 2017, Ferosz does not stop performing concerts at any time.

We received a casualty in our lines

In november 2017, Alfonso Ortega decides to withdraw from the lineup of Ferosz for personal and private reasons. Ferosz dismisses him with melancholy and wishing him the best.

Ferosz – 2018
⛧ A New warrior joins FEROSZ and prepares a New Arsenal ⛧

In march of 2018 they join the lineup of Ferosz Ioritz Rosa Gutierrez, on guitar and incorporating choirs, demonstrating attitude, quality and enriching Ferosz.

During the months of July and December of 2018 Ferosz recorded his new EP (Maxi Single) “Blasphemer” that they plan to release in mid-2019, without interrupting their concert program.

Ferosz – 2019
After a new casualty, we become even fiercer!

In january 2019, guitarist Jon Ander Esteban left the group because he was unmotivated and for other personal reasons, regardless of his role as a member of FEROSZ.

Ferosz release his EP Blasphemer on the market in the middle of july 2019 and continues with his shows in quartet mode.


Currently the band is in promotion of its new material, which has commissioned its physical and digital distribution to the popular CD Baby distributor that will play its music on more than 150 platforms and the physical disk can be available in more than 15,000 stores distributed around the world.

The Ferosz music is reflected in his compositions, thematic work and experience.The motto remains the same …- No to the oppression of the people, No, to the lies of the powerful, No, to unscrupulous fanaticism, No, to the destruction of nature by greed and personal enrichment, No, to the worst of the human being… “Long live metal” … and to those who know and want to say “NO” with us …

Ferosz Biography 2019

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Biografía Ferosz Biography 2019

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FEROSZ Biography 2019